Hodges, Marshall County, AL
Climate Data for February 22, 2019
Date/Time Temp RelHum Wind Gust Dir Rain SolR SVM2" STmp2" SVM4" STmp4" SVM8" STmp8" SVM20" STmp20" SVM40" STmp40"
2/22/2019 00:00:0053.2100.04.814.9530.010-99.955.0-99.955.0-99.9-147.8-99.9-147.8-99.9-147.8
2/22/2019 01:00:0052.999.04.813.4570.000-99.955.0-99.955.0-99.9-147.8-99.9-147.8-99.9-147.8
2/22/2019 02:00:0052.597.04.311.3510.000-99.955.0-99.954.9-99.9-147.8-99.9-147.8-99.9-147.8

Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, wind speed in miles per hour, precipitation in inches, and pressure in inches of mercury.