Allen Farms, Giles County, TN
Climate Data for March 06, 2019
Date/Time Temp RelHum Wind Gust Dir Rain SolR SVM2" STmp2" SVM4" STmp4" SVM8" STmp8" SVM20" STmp20" SVM40" STmp40"
3/6/2019 11:00:0034.243.03.510.42900.00747-99.940.522.344.637.944.240.533.151.752.7
3/6/2019 12:00:0034.943.03.07.13350.00763-99.941.522.545.738.044.140.636.551.952.5

Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, wind speed in miles per hour, precipitation in inches, and pressure in inches of mercury.