Allen Farms, Giles County, TN
Climate Data for March 04, 2019
Date/Time Temp RelHum Wind Gust Dir Rain SolR SVM2" STmp2" SVM4" STmp4" SVM8" STmp8" SVM20" STmp20" SVM40" STmp40"
3/4/2019 12:00:0033.
3/4/2019 13:00:0034.247.03.410.23260.00754-99.945.145.755.040.647.540.833.451.952.7
3/4/2019 14:00:0035.251.03.510.83530.00623-99.946.045.755.640.447.540.834.051.952.7

Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, wind speed in miles per hour, precipitation in inches, and pressure in inches of mercury.