Livingston, University of West Alabama, Sumter County, AL
Climate Data for August 17, 2021
Date/Time Temp RelHum Wind Gust Dir Rain SolR SVM2" STmp2" SVM4" STmp4" SVM8" STmp8" SVM20" STmp20" SVM40" STmp40"
8/17/2021 19:00:0079.588.00.01.01240.00-10036.692.837.691.439.688.940.384.633.682.2
8/17/2021 20:00:0077.493.00.01.11250.00-10036.590.737.590.939.589.140.384.733.682.2
8/17/2021 21:00:0076.695.
8/17/2021 22:00:0075.796.00.01.3690.00-10036.387.437.389.139.488.740.385.133.682.2
8/17/2021 23:00:0075.

Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, wind speed in miles per hour, precipitation in inches, and pressure in inches of mercury.